What is StockPulse

StockPulse is a new, innovative and award winning sentiment analysis tool for people who trade or simply take an active interest in the financial markets.

StockPulse analyses financial forums, Twitter, and other social media channels collecting over 100,000 opinions from these sources each day. StockPulse automatically delivers registered users of the service, details of the latest market trends, rumours and market sentiment in a daily newsletter.

Who is behind StockPulse

With its base in Cologne, Germany, StockPulse was founded in May 2011 by Jonas Krauss and Stefan Nann. Both are highly qualified Information Systems and Business Administration professionals and have many years of experience in social network analysis. They developed and tested their methodology during their scientific curriculum at the well renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Cologne. With the financial backing of Next Generation Finance Invest AG, they have built an exceptional team of social network, IT, finance, and product development specialists, who are dedicated to ensuring that clients receive the highest quality of data needed to develop successful trading and investment strategies.

How to access StockPulse

Clients are able to visualise in real-time, what social media is saying about the products in which they trade or invest or simply, in which markets they have an interest in (StockPulse covers indices, forex, stocks, and commodity products). With the StockPulse App, clients receive daily trading signals, current trend messages, 24/7 monitoring of user watchlists and instant notifications via mobile push technology. Consequently, clients can act immediately as important market news and sentiment develops.

The Cost

You can experience StockPulse for free by signing up to a 14 day trial. After your trial ends, the cost of StockPulse is £10 for each 30 day period. However, the service is completely free of charge for clients who complete at least 3 trades during the 30 day period or who hold at least £10,000 cash balance on their Delta account.

How to open a StockPulse Account

To access StockPulse, simply click here to log in to your TradeHub® account and view the 'Tools & Resources' section.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Client Services on 1 850 88 20 20. We do hope you take advantage of what StockPulse has to offer. We hope that all of this information will allow you to create new, or develop your existing trading strategies.