Success in trading often depends on how quickly you adapt and how good you are at predicting market changes. When you are self-directed, there is often much data out there to inform you but little that actually guides you in your trading or investment decisions.

Delta Index is delighted to announce a new trading and investment platform that allows you to follow the trading behaviour of up to 5 Top Traders. With this, you are able to:

  • Proportionally follow Top Traders, choosing them from ranking lists. Proportional following enables you to copy traders' performance exactly
  • Create and tailor portfolios of Top Traders according to your individual investment needs
  • You can minimise your risk by replicating trades at a percentage of their full value
  • Start following Traders and their strategies with only £100 on a live account
  • If you are unsatisfied with your chosen Traders, you can replace them for different Traders at any time
  • A wide range of markets are available to trade including indices, currencies, commodities and equities
  • Maximum loss levels are a Loss Protection** feature that allows you to manage and control the amount of risk you undertake

Social Trading explained?

Social Network

ayondo is a social network that enables you to connect to traders from all over the world. You can then follow their trading strategies and patterns in real-time rather than relying on fundamental or technical issues alone.

You can follow up to 5 Top Traders, taking advantage of their individual or collective performance which is displayed on rankings lists on ayondo's website. You can choose your Top Traders from these same lists which you can order and filter according to specific criteria, such as profit and popularity. Using these tools, you can build your own personal portfolio featuring your chosen Top Traders in just a few clicks.

What is ayondo?

Ayondo -laptopayondo is a signal provider meaning it sends trading signals from Top Traders to the chosen broker, in this case, ayondo markets which uses the same TradeHub® platform that Delta index trading as Ayondo Markets Limited uses. It is here that the trades are executed and copied on real-time basis.

ayondo is flexible in that it is entirely up to you how much control and involvement you have with your trading activity. If you wish to take a more active stance in the management of your account, then you can opt to manually following trading signals from ayondo's Top Traders. Alternatively, if you are not as confident with your trading ability or if you prefer a less time-intensive investment approach, then you can follow up to five traders automatically.

You need a minimum investment of just £100 to follow Top Traders with ayondo and you can follow their performance proportionally – meaning that all trades can be followed exactly at a percentage of their full value, with corresponding gains or losses. You also have complete control of your account in that all trades, even those copied automatically from Top Traders, can be closed or amended at any time.

The benefits of Social Trading


Social Trading offers the ideal entry point into learning how to trade the markets. In the future, it is possible that individuals are going to become increasingly responsible for their own financial welfare. External factors such as a reduction in welfare support and the slow breakdown of trust in banks and financial institutions means it's more important than ever that consumers learn to manage their own finances.

If individuals are going to be successful in this, it is extremely important that they learn to trade the markets however, it is unlikely that many are going to do so without prior training or practice. ayondo is the tool to help you in the this regard, enabling you to follow the strategies of other traders. You will be able to learn more about the markets and in doing so, even get to the point where you will be confident enough to trade the markets yourself.

Who are ayondo's Top Traders?

You may hear about 'career levels' on ayondo – this is a way of identifying different levels of experience and competency of Top Traders. As the levels progress, so do the requirements on performance and risk. Each trader has his or her own unique strategy and ayondo maintains comprehensive records and ranking lists that enable you to make an informed decision. You can assemble a portfolio of Top Traders according your own personal preference of strategy, performance and markets.

If you would like to become a Top Trader, watch ayondo's guide on how to start your trading career.